Friends Academy

The School respects its educational legitimacy and its responsibility for the scientific scrutiny of its own educational acts, for social openness and for special consideration of the weak and depraved parts of the society as well as co-operation of all with the educational process.

Its characteristic and its part in the educational mission in the country is attained by the school in the way, that it educates with a comprehensive understanding of human being and the world in the light of Indian cultural tradition. The school makes efforts to promote the belief in human welfare.

The school performs its duties with a common responsibility of all the participants. This needs correspondence of views of teachers, parents and students in recognition of the objectives and the basic principles of education and educational work as well as trustful co-operative action in the school.

Notice Board


13 Apr 2019

Art & Craft Competition

Friends Academy believes in bringing out the creative best in its pupils.....
14 Dec 2018

Club Activities

The school conducts various co- & extra- curricular activities under........
25 Nov 2018

Sports and Co-Curricular Activities

Students shall be offered following subjects in addition to their normal studies....